Not so Lucky

We opened up ‘Lucky’, the egg that we were incubating but that got ‘cooked’, today. (Poor thing didn’t live up to his name) It was at the 12th day of incubation when the mishap happened and I candled him twice to make sure he was dead.

The poor little thing was perfectly formed, everything was there… from tiny wing buds and little bumps on the skin where the feathers were to sprout. It was sad, and a little bit gruesome,  seeing the little thing lying there.  I do want to put pictures in the boy’s  notebook but there will have to be BIG disclaimers on the first page…DON’T LOOK IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH!

It made me think of how many little perfect babies are aborted when all they need is time and a safe place to grow. 😦

Turbo, the duckling that made it, is doing fine. He is so cute. He wants company all the time though and calls for us when we leave the room. It is comical to see him standing on his tippy toes and stretching his neck to see where we are, and endearing to see how he stops calling and starts chatting when we come up to his brooder.

I have several pictures of the boys doing their schoolwork with Turbo perched on the table next to them, inspecting their work.


One response to “Not so Lucky

  1. I’m so sorry that Lucky didn’t make it. Turbo sounds so sweet.

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