On the home front

I am typing here at a totally unfamiliar computer. It is my same old computer but hubby had it re-installed or something like that. He hasn’t restored my old favorites yet and the keyboard is a new one too so my fingers are all over the place. I don’t like change. I want my ‘puter back the way it was but I’ll have to either figure out how to restore everything myself (which takes time that I don’t want to spend right now) or I’ll have to wait for hubby to spend the time on the computer… 

Life on the home front is looking a bit better than it did a few weeks ago. I am coming out of the slump I seemed to be in. I have made an effort to go to bed earlier and be up earlier to spend some quiet time reading my bible. I think it is making a difference. 🙂

The boys are on a ladder system right now where they earn priviledges as they advance up the ladder and lose them if they don’t. So far so good. They can choose to go up a level if schoolwork is done on time, or if they do an extra chore, and if I see especially kind and thoughtful behaviour they go up too…they have been trying to be more considerate of one another…of course they make sure I see it! lol  

We took Turbo with us to the park today and he stole everyone’s hearts. Even the little toddlers got to hold him and feed him. A lady who lives accross the pond saw us holding the little duckling and thought it was one that had been hatched there…she thought we were going to cause his parents to reject him until we told her that we ARE his parents. 😀 It turns out that she was a homeschooler herself, one of the pioneering ladies here in our city.

I still can’t believe that we hatched a duckling…it seems a miracle. When you read up about it it seems tricky and we were especially blessed to have managed to hatch one out of only two eggs, on our first attempt in a home-made incubator. I think the kids’ prayers did the trick.


One response to “On the home front

  1. Unfamiliar computers can be a pain until you get them broken in 😆

    I like the ladder system that you are using with the boys, it sounds like it’s working well. I have to get on mine about the being nice to one another. I also need to make sure that they get times away from one another.

    I hope that one day you’ll be able to post a picture of Turbo so that we can all see this cutie.

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