Formless and void

Joyce Meyer mentioned recently that , when she was in a very broken state due to her abused background, she started searching out what the bible had to say about the areas that she was struggling in.

It sparked something in me, though I didn’t know at first where to start. 🙂 It came to me one night this week, and I started in Genesis 1 … there are ‘formless and void’ areas in my life that are waiting for the word of God to bring light and truth to them. My Strong’s dictionary showed that the same word ‘formless’ is also found in Deutoronomy 32, where God describes how he found Israel in a howling wasteland and led her, instructed her, and made her the apple of his eye.

Thinking of the lack of fruit in some areas of my life also made me study the word ‘barren’ and I just loved the last part of Psalm 113:  which goes something like…he makes the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children…

Now that is a cool promise for me…especially the keeping house part! I could do with some fruitfulness in that area. 🙂

Something neat happened yesterday… I sat down at the piano and wrote a song for the first time in years. It starts like this:

Hovering over, brooding over
Lord you see the chaos in my life
You speak words of truth into this formless void
and you make…

You make everything new
You make all things beautiful…

I haven’t got the bridge quite finished yet but it is a song and it is one I can actually play on the piano too! It is in the key of C…(duh)


6 responses to “Formless and void

  1. you know aside from Charlotte Scanlon, Joyce Myer is almost one of the only people who can really make my eyes open in awe and wonder and go, “Oh wow, how did I miss that?”

    I think your song is lovely. in key of C? Would that be C for Christ?! 🙂

  2. I love the lyrics to your song. Thank you for your thoughts here. I needed this today and I’m glad I finally found your site! It’s lovely!

  3. That looks like a beautiful song from the lyrics. If you ever are able to record it, even on tape I’d love to hear it. 🙂

    I love reading the insights that God has given to you. They always seem to speak to me as well.

  4. Sumi it is so good to see you blogging…..Now I won’t loose you.

    I love what you wrote and have missed your spiritual insight…..keep up the good work.

    I will drop in occasionally and say Howdy!!!!

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