March 14

Aaaah, a quiet house. All the chilluns are asleep…what a luxury. Hubby is still at work so the house is truly quiet…no tv sounds or anything. Even Turbo is quiet. 🙂 I just came upstairs after giving him something to eat. He is growing like crazy and he lets us know, pretty loudly, when he wants to eat. Which seems to be all the time.

Today was a good day. My new dishwasher was installed…yay! I got the house really spiffy looking downstairs so that I wouldn’t be embarrassed when the installers came. Then the hubby let me know someone was coming to look at the airconditioner too, so the upstairs got a clean-up. The boys were told they had done enough school for the day at that point, they needed to help me get the house in order.  

I came home after picking up the oldest at school and had enough energy to tackle the worst room in the house – the sun room, which doubles up as the boys’ play room and the cats’ den. I threw out 3 trash bags full of junk – especially those little itty bitty toy parts that one tends to hold on to because it seems to go with something but you are not sure where the missing part is.

After dinner time I was relaxed enough to linger in the kitchen with the boys. We were trying to make Milo, a chocolatey drink, from a powder mix but the powder had become rock-hard. The boys took turns being ‘miners’ with a hammer and a butter knife, the only way we could get some powdered stuff out was by chiseling it. It was the funnest cup of something we have had together for a long time. 😀

The oldest came and snuggled up to me while I watched a movie  and he and Jenna took turns letting me scratch their backs (or arms and legs and shoulders and tummy…etc…in Jenna’s case 🙂 ). I am lapping up this time with the boy – he is very much the teenager now and moments like these don’t occur as often as they used to.

OK…yawwwnnnn…it’s off to bed for me.  


5 responses to “March 14

  1. Nothing quite so special as happy times with the kids…especially when they’re teens. I envy you for that.

  2. Aawwwww. That sounds like a very nice day with your family! 🙂

  3. You can get Milo in the US? (Yum, my kids just had a mug each of hot milo) You’ll have to tell Tanya. (She didn’t know what it was.) I’m makign milo slice today. Double yum.

    Hugs from teenage boys are so special. (I think that’s why I really like the DY women. It’s the way they talk about their children. It’s heart warming and honest and there’s none of the derision that seems to go hand in hand with some women today when they talk about being a mum)

  4. I got the Milo at a little shop/restaurant here. It used to be run by a British dude, and now a lady from Down Under has taken it over. As far as foods go, us South Africans, Australians and Brits share a lot of similar products.

    This little place makes an authentic fish’n chips, and their meat pies are to die for. I think I will mosey on over there and get me some sausage rolls tomorrow…all this talk is making me hungry!

    I’ll have to send Tanya a tin of Milo one of these days.

  5. Oh yum, meat pies! I now have a craving for a meat pie on a bed of mushy peas! Yes, we all do have similar products. Sometimes I have to google search the US stuff to figure out what every one is talking about.

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