In keeping with my study on the first 2 verses of Genesis, I looked up the word ‘darkness’ in my Strong’s.

Some things I learned about darkness:

God formed both the light and the darkness (Is. 45:7)
There is a treasure in darkness and secret riches in hidden places (Is 45: 2+3)
Deep things in our lives are revealed through our dark times (Job 12:22)
Darkness is for a season, it doesn’t last forever (Job 28:3)
God is our light in darkness (Ps 112:4, Micah 7:8, Ps 139)
He delivers us from our darkness ( Jos 24:7, Job 29:3, Ps 107:14, Is 42:16)

In Psalm 18, where David praises God for delivering him from the hands of Saul, he says that he cried out to God, and God came down, and darkness was under his feet. Once again there is the aspect of crying out to God…going through trials will cause us to do that.  I think God allows those times to come, just so that we will see our need for Him and cry out. I like the fact that he comes so readily when we do, and that the darkness is under his feet – that means that he has dominion over it and the final say-so about how long the darkness lasts.

The verse that really got my attention was a little further on in Psalm 18. It says that he made darkness his secret place, his pavilion around him were dark waters and thick clouds of the skies. I looked up the word ‘pavilion’. It comes from the same root word as succot, which is the word for the feast of tabernacles. It means a hut made from entwined boughs, a covert, den, tent, or tabernacle. The root word means to entwine as a screen, to cover, to fence in, to protect, defend, hedge in, join together, shut up.

I believe that our ‘dark’ times unearth deep, secret things in our lives that we didn’t know was there. It causes us to see our need for God (I was blind, but now I see) and cry out to him. As we do, he comes and speaks his light into our darkness. We had been closed in, hedged about with darkness but God is right there, in the secret place in which we find ourselves. Something precious happens there, if we allow it. Our lives become entwined with his, and we are joined together as we ‘tabernacle’ with him in that secret place where deep calls unto deep.


5 responses to “Darkness

  1. I’m going through a dark time in my life right now. Reading this has brought me hope that it is only for a little while and the darkness really is under Gods feet! Hallelujah! Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Barb. I worry that my scripture searches may seem morbid. They are not to me, to me they are full of hope. 🙂

  3. Nope, not morbid to me at all. I find much hope in your scripture searches. Not only that, you encourage me to read my bible in a different light. I’ll see a word and rather than just take it at face value I will pick that word out and go look it up and ponder it for a while. That is good for me and I really appreciate how you taught me that. 🙂 You are a blessing!

  4. I don’t think this is morbid at all Sumi! I wish I had thought to look so deeply into the details. I never thought about the fact that God made the darkness.

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