Spring time

The world is so beautiful right now. Everything is so green and fresh and on Saturday, whilst driving around with hubby, I noticed blossoms that I miss from my garden in SA, yesterday-today-tomorrows, bottlebrushes, and pansies.

The weather cannot be beat. I almost called off all school today to spend time outside. As it is we only did two days’ worth of English. 😀

We took Turbo outside to forage a bit, he always stays close to our heels and when we sat in the grass he came and cuddled up close to us. At times like these I want to keep him forever but we do not have suitable accomodations for a duck, and hubby and I are not inclined to build and maintain one. I found a loving home for Turbo on a farm with other ducks and we are working on getting the kids used to the idea.

The kids and I went for a longish bike ride today down to the river and to the gas station for ‘supplies’ (read: candy and chips!). I towed Jenna (and an assortment of soft toys) in one of those little carriages that you can strap on the bike and pull behind you. It was quite a workout! The boys are begging me to cycle to a nearby national monument tomorrow and picnic there, I might do that if hubby can fix my bicycle pedal tonight, it kept coming off on our ride.

I pulled out my guitar today. It tuned up easily and was ready for playing after I emptied out the bits of now-hardened play dough that Jenna had stuffed into the cavity months ago.  My nails feel a bit funky, now that I have cut them so short again, and my fingertips are nicely sore. I am happy to be playing again. This time I hope to build up enough strength in my fingers to play past that annoying buzzing sound that accompanied my last effort. 😀


9 responses to “Spring time

  1. I am so happy that I finally found a link to your blog!

    It sounds so wonderful! We had snow today! 😀

    And Turbo hatched! I’m going to have to go through and read back!

    Can you tell I am excited? I really am, I missed reading your words but couldn’t find you!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day you had. I haven’t ridden a bike in years! Wouldn’t mind a good walk on a pretty day though.

  3. Sumi, your blog is beautiful. Do we know the little girl in the picture? 😀

    Yep, our Bottlebrush is blooming. Very nice. 😀

  4. Spring is wonderful, isn’t it?

    Your blog’s new look is lovely. 🙂

  5. Hi Sumi….I was wondering the same thing Applie asked….would that be who I think it is?

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day…We are finally enjoying a nice day.

  6. Yes, it is who you think it is. 🙂

  7. She doesn’t have Mommy’s red hair……

    the boys are wanting to start guitar lessons…they are waiting for the braces to come off before starting trumpet…so i found a cool guitar program at CompUsa. I might even jump on the bandwagon with them….I would love to hear you play one day…..

    Acoustical guitar is my favorite…..

  8. I love the picture! That is so adorable.

    I love spring too. Although, it really hasn’t felt much like spring around here lately. Way too much rain.

    I am glad that you picked up your guitar again. Good for you!

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