A ‘good’ tired.

Boy, I am tired. But it is a tired that comes from having fun so I am not complaining. We took the kids and a friend to Wild Adventures for 2 days to celebrate the youngest boy’s birthday. We had some moments where it was hard to please everybody. It is obvious that the oldest is a teen with all the emotions and self-absorption that comes with it. He is a honey and I adore him but he is definitely going through a ‘phase’. The youngest was very cautious about everything and only warmed up to the park about 3 hours before closing on the second day. 🙂 Next time he should enjoy the activities more.

We all learned a lot about how we will go about it next time, soon we will be seasoned theme park visitors! My only lament was that the park is so far away and the food there costs so much money! I thought that since we have year-long tickets our visits there will be ‘free’ but with the price of gas and food it still will cost us a pretty penny every time we go.  

My best moment was the fireworks show at the end. It was nothing spectacular in comparison to my favorite fireworks show. At the end of November our city has a fireworks display to celebrate the annual lighting of the christmas tree. The show is flanked by two bridges and at one point in the show, waterfalls of white sparks cascade over the bridges, framing the fireworks in the center. The christmas music just adds to it.

Anyway, back to last nights’ fireworks. It wasn’t spectacular, but it moved me deeply. They played that song: ‘I can only imagine…’ I  cried listening to it.  It felt like Jesus was right there while everyone huddled together watching the beautiful display of color in the night sky and listening to that song about his glory. They followed the song with ‘God bless America’ and it brought a real lump to my throat.

Yes. amen God, bless America. I really have come to love my adopted country.


2 responses to “A ‘good’ tired.

  1. I sorry that your boy didn’t warm up to the park until late in the outing. Hopefully next time he’ll get into the park a bit sooner and have some great fun.

    I love fireworks displays, there is just something about them that send chills down my back. Up here they are quite different as the times when it’s warm enough to enjoy them it’s not dark enough to see them. Then when it’s dark enough to see it’s so cold you don’t want to be outside watching them. 🙄 Can’t win.

  2. I love the Christmas fireworks! Best ever!

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