Next year

Hubby and I have reached the point where we are so fed up with the boys’ school that we would pull him out right now, if we were sure it was the right thing to do. They have really messed him up in his math. It was his strongest subject so they pushed him up a whole level, without bothering to fill up the gaps in between. The boy now has a D in math instead of an A+. We have been to two meetings with the school, the last one was 3 weeks ago, and some promised changes have not been made yet.

We have a friend who is a biomedical engineer, a regular math whizz, AND a great communicator/teacher. He also happens to be the boy’s youth pastor. Hubby asked him this morning if he would be willing to tutor the boy and he can do it for us.

Hubby wants to pull the boy out of school, have the friend do math with him, and me do the rest. With about 9 weeks of the school year left, I do not feel much pressure to push him very hard, he is a great student and I know if I gave him an achievement test today he would do well. We would probably only do lots of reading, some light grammar and creative writing, and some student-led science and history. (The boy loves watching the Discovery channel and History channel. 🙂 )  

It is still up in the air because the boy wants to see the year out with his friends. (I think he secretly likes a girl in his class.)  For hubby and I though, the long drive to school and back is becoming an increasing burden. It cuts into my time and now that we are so disillusioned with the school the motivation to keep it up is wearing very thin.

Our choices are either to grin and bear the status quo, or to make a change.  I worry that bringing him home will add to my responsibilities here, and I am already overwhelmed. On the other hand, it will save at least an hour and a half of driving time for me in the afternoons alone. It would cut out the same amount of time for hubby in the mornings.

The middle boy and I have been having some math issues and I realise it is partly due to my tendency to over-explain until the boy gets confused. Hubby said he can try to teach the boy during that hour and a half instead. He is really better at it than I am.

I am not sure what we are going to do yet.

We are also looking at schools for the oldest for next year, which is a whole ‘nother topic for another day.


One response to “Next year

  1. I feel your pain with the disillusionment of the school. I’d pull Simon out in a heartbeat if it weren’t for his complete distaste for homeschooling in general. If he doesn’t improve his father has said we will homeschool him next year.
    There may be a lot of things you can have him do at home without it being too overwhelming for you. I hope you can work it all out. 🙂

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