My own trick

Yesterday on the way to get the boy #1 from school, the youngest boy was examining my cell phone. He compared the time on my cell phone to the time in my car and noticed that the time on the car was several minutes fast.

So he asked me about it. I told him I do that on purpose, so that when I see the time, I will think I am late and make haste to get to where I am going. “So you fall for your own trick,” he replied. 😀 He went on to say that he would never fall for that, he would remember that the time is not correct and live his life accordingly.

I like my little trick. If I am on time according to the car clock, it turns me into a highly efficient person who gets to where I am going with time to spare. If I am slightly late according to the car clock, I get to find out that I am actually on time. If I am more than just a little bit late, I can always conveniently remember that the time is set a little fast and take comfort in the fact that I am not as late as it seems.

Great logic, huh? I can fall for my own trick any time.


6 responses to “My own trick

  1. I do that on my alarm clock. My hope is that in my half-asleep state I won’t remember what I’ve done and the panic of being late will propel me out of bed. It usually works! 😛

  2. We do that too. Sometimes we fall for it, and sometimes we don’t!

  3. I don’t bother setting my clocks ahead……..I am like your son, I would remember that it was fast or slow, depending.

    Brad does that in his car clock, and I sometimes speed up his clocks, as he is THE pokiest man……..and I abhor being late!!! so I trick him myself.

  4. Your son is so funny and so smart. LOL I don’t set my clocks ahead.

  5. I don’t set them ahead anymore because I kept thinking, “Oh I have plenty of time” but my car clock gains minutes. So it is fast and panics everyone. Once I’m in the car I’m fine it’s the getting everyone in the car and ready to go that takes forever at my house:)
    Thanks for your sweet comment. I have a picture of the Florida gals from convention and the park I was looking at yesterday. I really enjoyed visiting with you and wish we were closer too.

  6. I do that as well. It works great for all of us. The cell phones are always correct as they get the current time from the phone company.

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