Drawing Turbo

We had a good school day today. Hubby’s tag is out of date on his car and he asked me to drive him to work (not far) today until his car is roadworthy again. So we did some car-schooling. Boy#2 read the first Captain Underpants book to me as hubby drove, and he was having a great time doing it. Why did I stick with making him read the Abeka readers for so long? The boys breezed through their English (in contrast to yesterday, that was a pull-your-hair-out kind of day).

As a final touch to their embryology notebook, I decided to let them hang out with Turbo and really observe him, then draw him as realistically as they could. The middle boy tackled his drawing with enthusiasm, (and just a little observation), the youngest observed faithfully for a long time before starting. He threw his pencil down and crumpled his paper in disgust soon afterwards though. His duck just didn’t look right.

I explained to him that it takes some practise before your hand can listen to your brain and draw what you see.  I pointed out how well he had observed the curve of the duck’s neck, but that the beak didn’t taper enough. (It looked like a spoonbill. 🙂 ) He decided to give it another go, and ran inside for another piece of paper.

This time around he persevered and made a fine drawing. He was obviously proud of it and commented that the reason his picture was so good was because he had believed in himself. 🙂

Don’t you just love moments like that?  When kids do something they thought they couldn’t and feel good about it? We do a lot of boyish things in this house and not a lot of art. It was good to see the two boys get a confidence boost in this area.


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