Jenna and I have this tradition that sometimes, I will be the mommy-monster and chase her around the house. I must have been a bit more ferocious than usual this morning because I detected a little note of concern in her laughter. So I stopped and said, “Look, Jenna, I am not a mommy-monster, I am a sweet mommy.” She told me I am not sweet. Wanting to bring my point across, and using a word she knows very well, I told her I am cute.
( Somebody has to say it 😀 )

“Naaaaah,” she retorted, “you are not cute, I am cute!”

“I am cute too,” I said.

“Naaaah,” said Jenna, “You are not two, you are forty.”

There you have it. I am not cute, and I am old. 😀


3 responses to “Conversation

  1. That is adorable. Made me smile.

  2. The words that children speak 😆

  3. This is too sweet!

    We have the Mommy-monster visit our house a whole lot as well. 😀

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