Easter Sunday

We had a fun day today. After church we went to our assistant pastor’s house, where they organised an easter egg hunt for the young ones. Afterwards we played a game called ‘colored eggs’. Even the adults joined in.

There is talk that our assistant pastor and his wife will be moving to Hungary soon (she is Hungarian) to start a bible school and church there. I don’t want them to go!  We are a small church and everyone has become pretty close-knit. It leaves a gap when somebody goes away.

We had a great service today. There is a new sound guy at church. He is a musician himself and I really enjoy how he has set up the sound system. You can hear the instruments more, as well as the other voices. Today my flute was almost too loud. The new sound guy has also been encouraging hubby with his guitar playing, which warms my heart. 🙂 It seems like everyone (myself included) are stepping out more and are more free in their expression of worship. I am grateful to the Lord for that, because I have been bound up in that area for too long.

I am still playing my guitar as often as I can. I try to do it daily, although it isn’t always possible. Still, I can feel those nice callusses forming on my fingertips, and I hope that soon I will be able to play clear chords (no buzzing sounds) without having sore fingers after five minutes. There are times when I wonder whether I have the strength though, and my hands are so small… If only my first love, the piano, wasn’t so complicated to play well!

I could really do with some pointers on how to play the piano simply, so that I can sing along with my playing. I can’t seem to do both together. Add to that the fact that practise time is almost non-existent here, and it seems that learning the guitar would be a much better bet.

My guitar still has bits of play-dough in it, by the way. I can hear it when I move the guitar around, but the bits are elusive and I haven’t managed to shake them out! I hope I remember to dig around in there next time I change the strings. 😀

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter/Passover (what is left of it).


One response to “Easter Sunday

  1. Sounds like you had a great Ressurection Day!

    I love reading your inspirational messages.

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