Mish mash

This post will just be a random whatever-comes-to-mind one, since I don’t really have much to say. 😀

The caterpillars are crysalides already. We’ve only had them for about a week. Another week or so, and our first butterflies should be emerging. This process is going so quickly, and there have been so many distractions around here, that it is hard to find adequate time to keep a thorough-enough-to-my-liking journal.

I am so aware that ‘testing day’ is looming around the corner (only 8 short weeks). I want to test the boys this year as opposed to just doing a portfolio evaluation. Just doing the evaluation will be less stressful for me but I really want to know where the boys are at. I am feeling pressure to get their math facts down better. We will be doing lots of drill the next few weeks.

Hubby has just arrived home and I am unusually tired. I have been up at night for two nights in a row and I should really be going to bed.

Lastly…the oldest had his last day of school last friday. We decided to pull him out. Part of the reason I didn’t sleep enough was that I started ‘perusing’ books for him to read. He has been reading novels like Anthem, 1984, and Brave New World, (which he was working on when  we pulled him out) so I picked The Giver off my shelf and couldn’t put it down. Another book he will be reading is The Hobbit. I picked a copy up at a yard sale months ago and I am surprised that he hasn’t read it yet.

OK Yaaaaawwwwnnnn…off to bed.

2 responses to “Mish mash

  1. Hallo Sumi
    Ma en ek het ‘n username maar nie ‘n blog nie. Wou net vir jou hallo se!!! Jy’s lucky dat jou kinders darem wil lees – Gareth moet die “Power of One” lees (Bryce Courtenay) vir skool, en trek vandag by bladsy 26 (van 620!) en hy het die boek al in Desember gekry! Dis soos ‘n steeks donkie!!!
    Liefde Ma & H

  2. Hello Hanlie. ‘Power of One’ is a well-known movie here in the States, and is one of my friend Dana’s favorites. Many people who realise I am South African ask me whether I have seen it, but I haven’t, yet. It never occured to me there was a book.

    Written in English, for my American friends. It tickles me to think what you all will make of my sister’s Afrikaans post. 😀

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