April 18th

Today was busy-ish. Hubby and I had to get up early to have our driver’s licences renewed. Since we do not have permanent residency status yet, our licences need to be renewed more frequently. Thankfully, we had an appointment, so we didn’t have to stand in line. (Did you know you could make an appointment for this?) I had to do a 20-question road signs test because of a seat-belt violation  I had 2 years ago, but it was easy-peasy. The officer joked about the person who had to answer the question about “windy road ahead’ and said there was a drunk driver ahead. 😀

Hubby and I snuck in some breakfast at an Australian Cafe nearby, where we met a scottish lady with the thickest accent. She said she often gets asked if they speak english in Scotland, to which she answers: “Yes, that is where english came from…then you guys took it and messed it up!” I’m sure she gets asked that question becasue she has such a thick scottish brogue. When I heard her from a distance and couldn’t make out her words I wondered what ‘foreign’ language she was speaking too.

I had to take hubby in to work because his car’s brakes are failing. It will be going in for a service tomorrow. Soooo I took the opportunity of running in to the Salvation Army store near his office. They have a half day sale on Wednesdays and I get the cutest little outfits for Jenna there for next to nothing. I found a gorgeous little dress, in red paisley, which looks new. I thought it was gorgeous…Jenna doesn’t. She has refused to try it on. I wonder if it is because it is paisley. She likes red, though pink is her favorite.

I am doing my own thing with the two younger boys with math at the moment. We really bombed out with the middle boy’s math curriculum and I am trying a new approach. So far, so good, though the younger boy is a grade below and sometimes catches on faster. He is such a logical thinker who sees patterns in everything, including math. The middle boy is much more random and loses focus so easily. I can explain a thing to death too, so that by the time I get to the point the boy’s mind is far away. 😀 I am still figuring out the best way to teach him. Short and sweet bursts seem to be where it is at.

The oldest had his first math lesson yesterday. I think it is going to work well. Life is much simpler now that I don’t have to make that long drive to his school daily.

The sky here is very smoky and hazy. There are some wild fires in Georgia and on the Florida border that are affecting us. I can only imagine what the air must be like closer to the fires. The strong winds we have been experiencing lately aren’t helping. Anyway, the hazy air is perfect for moody nature photography. One day, when I am old and gray, I hope to be able to grab my camera on a whim and go capture these moments.

One response to “April 18th

  1. Pink is THE best color!!!

    I love your new header.

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