April 21, 2007

I’m sitting here with a great sense of how good God is. Two little things happened today to remind me of this.

It is a good friend’s birthday tomorrow. She spoiled me so on my birthday, and I was wondering what I could give her for her birthday. To my mind she probably had some great things planned for the weekend with her hubby and some of her other friends. Nonetheless I called her this morning and asked her if she wanted to come to the paint studio with me, she could pick out something to paint for herself, and I would paint her a fruit bowl. She was in tears as she told me how the day stretched before her with no hope of doing anything, as her toddler was sick and there was no money to do anything anyhow. She had just been telling Jesus about her longing to just do something special when I called. We had a great time of girly fellowship at the paint studio and I am tickled at how, once again, I could just be a witness to how tenderly and sweetly the Lord reached out to fill a simple longing of one of his daughter’s hearts.  I almost hadn’t called her, since I had another gift lined up for her and assumed she’d be busy anyway.

The second thing was this: I have been watch-less for a long time now. I have missed not having a watch at night and in the early mornings, when my contact lenses are out and I am unable to read the time on the clock in my bedroom. I love sneaking out of bed early before anyone is awake, to go and read my bible downstairs. I just don’t like going through the unneccessary effort of getting out of bed thinking it is almost dawn, only to find that it is really 3 am. 😉

I would sometimes walk past the el-cheapo watches at Walmart and glance over them but find nothing that I really like or that lights up for me to read the time in the dark. I have often breathed a little prayer/sigh to the Lord, telling him how I would like to have a watch sometime.  

Anyhow, hubby won a genuine Swiss Army watch at an office raffle yesterday. It is a bit of an ‘earthy’ watch, not very delicate and girly, but I love it, and hubby says it suits me. The best part is that it has the flourescent dials so you can tell the time even in pitch darkness. I think everything about it is really snazzy, and I see it as my own little gift from above.  

Lat night we were treated to a concert by the violinist Andre Rieu. His show is carefully orchestrated to cater to the audience and I found some of it a bit over the top but the music itself was beautiful and the arrangements masterful. When he played the Blue Danube, couples went into the aisles and started waltzing, as they do at every one of his shows, apparently. I was watching the dancing couples when I noticed something that brought a lump to my throat. A mom was holding up her cerebral palsied teenaged daughter and swaying with her in rhythm to the music. They were waltzing together as best as they could, and the smile on that girl’s face was the biggest and happiest I have seen in a long time. When the girl became too heavy for her mom to continue any longer she cradled her on her lap, still swaying along with the music. It was just the ultimate picture of motherly love to me.


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