Evening routine

Every evening around this time Jenna goes outside through the garage and re-enters the kitchen triumphantly, with Turbo waddling behind her. It is a cute little ritual. Turbo is happy to be let into the house, since Jenna usually gives him some lettuce out of the fridge.  When the lettuce is gobbled up, he makes a bee-line for the cat food. (I have started to keep the cat food elevated, instead of on the ground)

Turbo is greedy. He will eat and eat until his crop bulges, and is lopsided and bumpy to touch.

Yes, he is still here. He is much less maintenance now that I have figured out how to ‘house’ him. He spends his days in our back yard, and he overnights in our garage…but I have learned not to give him any water in his cage at night. If I do, he turns it into a wet and poopy mess. I can handle dry duck poop – not wet duck-poop-soup. Yuck. I figure he spends the night sleeping anyhow, and his messy escapades with the water used to happen in the early dawn hours before I let him out.

Turbo is a teenager duck now. He is scraggly looking and his voice has gone from a duckling’s peep to a teenage squeak. His feathers are coming in and it has been interesting to watch how his wings have gone from little stubby things to the size they are now. His wings are full of quills but the actual soft part of the feathers are not there yet. It looks weird.  I’m going to take a picture of the wings for the kids’ notebook, might post it here. I want to get the kids a quill pen from a nearby museum so they can try to write with it.

I just found out that the boys are giving the duck a bath in my tub downstairs. I am not impressed at all. I am going to have to lysol the tub down well.


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