Quality reading


The two younger boys are going through a Captain Underpants phase. 🙂 I don’t care about it (not) being quality reading. I am only too glad to have found something that they will read of their own volition.

We had our habitual tidy time this evening, after their bath.  Halfway through the tidy time the youngest boy appeared in the kitchen, dressed only in his underwear and a red cape tied around his shoulders. “Tra-la-laa!!!” He tackled his chores with the gusto of a superhero. Moments later, Jenna appeared, dressed in only her panties too, and trailing her own red cape (courtesy of her oldest brother, who tied it around her neck). She is not that familiar with Captain Underpants, and her battle cry was “Ta-Daaaa!!!”

The tidy time was put on hold for an impromptu photo shoot (I promised the youngest I wouldn’t publish a picture of him in his underwear but Jenna doesn’t really care). The middle boy didn’t want to be outdone, but since his siblings had taken up the store of red capes, he posed with underwear on his head, arms and legs.

This turned into an underwear shooting competition. They stood on the kitchen floor and marked who could shoot it the furthest. It took a while to get them back to doing their chores. 😀

We asked Jenna what her superhero name was. Captain Underpants is a very long name for a two-year-old to say, as you all know. She grasped for the closest word in her vocabulary. Her favorite fruit, canteloupe.   Jenna called herself “Cantel-yope-a-pants.”


2 responses to “Quality reading

  1. This was so sweet! 😀

  2. Cute! My kids never get tired of Captain Underpants. Dav Pilkey is my son’s hero.

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