May 7, 2007

Yesterday’s draft which I never got to publish:

I really should go to sleep so I can get up early in the morning but I feel chatty. 🙂

Today was our last Marine Science/Ecology class at 4H. I am one of the group leaders and I decided to take my class to the beach for some hands-on exploration. It has been really windy here the last few days and the beach was quite unpleasant. The sand pelted our legs, but the kids got some first-hand experience on how dunes form, there were several little mini-dunes that piled up along some debris.  

The kids also went on a scavenger hunt and afterwards we discussed their finds. One little girl suggested we keep meeting throughout summer, on the sly, since this is so much fun! The best compliment was from a parent…she said she learned so much ,and feels like piling her kids and I into the car this summer and hitting the beach again, so that I can tell them more!

I realised again that I really like doing this kind of hands-on teaching.

Tomorrow hubby and I will be going to one of the schools that we are considering for the oldest for next year. (Homeschooling all 3 boys isn’t an option for me, the middle boy’s special needs are too demanding.) Please pray for us, that we will hear from the Lord to know which school to place him in.

We went to the school this morning and it seems like a good fit. We will be enrolling the youngest boy too, so that I can continue to focus on the middle boy, who really needs the one on one. The oldest boy is very sad that his long hair will have to go, but c’est la vie.

In a totally different area, I am bearing witness to something amazing that God is doing. I will post a testimony about this when the time is right, and if the Lord allows me to.

3 responses to “May 7, 2007

  1. Hey Sumi
    Why do you refer to your sons as the oldest boy and the middle boy. It sounds very distant and a bit remote from who they are. I understand if you don’t refer to them by name. But my middle son sounds a bit warmer. Just a remark, not intended as a criticism.
    When can I hear from your husband?

  2. 🙂 It never occurred to me that other people might read it as sounding detached. It’s not intended that way, not do I speak that way.

    Our Skype account won’t let us upload finances from our bank account for some weird reason. There is a way to do it but I’d have to jump through some hoops, haven’t gotten round to it yet. We can’t phone on our regular lines, the cost is astronomical. It would be so nice if you and hubby could chat on the phone, instead, he will have to email you for now. (I’ll remind him tonight 😉 )

    I’ll try jumping through the hoops this weekend. 😀

  3. Well skype works is we are both online. What is his username? Mine is dunxnud. Also what is his phone number? I have some skype credit that I must use sometime soon! Email me his number?

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