The chilluns

I felt like posting pics of the kids.  I won’t keep these on here forever, they will get deleted after a while.

Here is our oldest, getting in some bonding time with his sister:


My always-smiling (and always up-to-something) middle son:


Our youngest son before he lost his front teeth recently:


And little miss Jenna:


7 responses to “The chilluns

  1. Great shots of your children. They look very happy.

  2. I had no idea you were blogging Sumi! I have missed you! I’ve added you to my feed…. I’ll be watching you now!….

  3. Sumi, those are wonderful pictures of the kids. Your boys are white handsome and Jenna is an absolute doll!!!

    What lovely children they are…….:)

    Thanks for sharing the photo’s…..

  4. Oops…sorry Sumi…I meant to say QUITE…my finger is still getting used to the laptop and the Q and W are next to each other…..:)

  5. Ginger, you gave me a good chuckle there. 😀

    I’m glad you found me, B-Sue!

  6. “Your boys are white handsome” ROTFL That’s a good one.

    Sumi, your kiddos are awesome. 😀 Loved the pics.

  7. Great pictures 😀

    You are a blessed Momma!

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