Testing tomorrow

My oldest and youngest boys are going to be tested tomorrow by the school that we have decided to send them to next year. I am slightly nervy.

This school has a very high standard, and while the oldest has been doing 8th grade math in his 7th grade year, and the youngest has been doing 3rd grade work with his older brother , I am aware of gaps in their learning. For example: I haven’t covered terms of measurement very well, especially volume. I still get confused with fluid ounces, pints, quarts and gallons myself. I grew up with the metric system, which makes a lot more sense to me.

The fact that my pastor’s kids failed the math portion of the test also has me on edge.

We would really like to see the boys get into this school…it is a blend between a homeschool and a private school. The kids do school 3 days a week and work on projects at home for the other two. Fridays are supposed to be light days and (happy dance) the school doesn’t believe in sending homework home on school days (other than studying for tests) because they believe in family time.

The entire weeks’ work is given to the children on Monday and is due the next Monday. It is up to the kids to make sure their work is done, and if they desire to do so they can put in extra effort and have Fridays off!

The school uses a hodge-podge of curriculums, but they are incredibly well-researched. My homeschool friends reading this blog know how much we tend to pore over the different methods and curriculums out there! Only the best for our kids, right?   😀 Anyhow, they use stuff like Shurley grammar, Total Language Plus and Apologia for science which accounts for the high academic standards.  

What I like most about the school is that their desire is to really work on heart issues with the children. They see themselves more as a ministry than as a mere academic institution. They also want the kids to learn how to think, not when to think , and apologetics and critical thinking get a lot of emphasis.

Anyhoo. Please say a prayer for us…I am particularly concerned that the youngest won’t find the test format too foreign since we haven’t done much testing this year.


3 responses to “Testing tomorrow

  1. I will pray that your boys will have the peace of mind and make an accurate showing of their knowledge so that they will be put in the place that best fits them!

    I have to say that school sounds fantastic. I would readily put my children in a place like that!

  2. I’ll be praying today and especially tonight as I’ll most likely still be sleeping when you go for the testing. (((hugs)))

  3. Hi, I just saw this and hope it all went well.

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