May 15th 2007

The boys got tested today and now the waiting game begins to see whether they did well enough on the tests or not. The youngest never got any of the multiplication and division and fraction questions I anticipated, which is probably a good thing.

The oldest felt good about the math portion of his test and less confident about the language. The middle school administrator gave him the test and she’s not too worried if his grammar isn’t quite up to par. She says that can be learned, math is incremental and has to be understood.

I joined hubby at bible school this evening and realised, again, how much I am missing it. It is such a fresh and living word that is taught there. I’m really going to have to make a plan to do bible school again, even if only online.

Afterwards, our pastor had some free time so he invited me to his office just so he could touch base with what’s happening in my life. Turns out we only talked about one thing, something that has been weighing heavily on my heart all day. I went through a little crisis in my faith today, as I saw someone whom I have been praying a lot for go through a crisis of her own. Anyway, I was able to get some clarity and I am at peace about it now.

On Friday evening every bible school student will share a 5 minute message with the congregation. I am not sure if I will be called on to do it or not, to my disappointment (I haven’t been attending regularly since I started homeschooling again last fall). I am as quiet as can be (those of you who have met me can attest to this) but there is this weird show-offy part of me that just loves sharing what I have read in the Bible. I sometimes run whole sermons through my head.

I can stand up in front of a whole church and talk, no problem. Just don’t ask me to speak to a group of 5 people. 😀

What’s up with that?

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