May 16, 2007

So our air-conditioner finally gave up the ghost. But not before we had spent $400 on it this past week. Today is the third day that we have had someone from the AC company at our house. They gave us an estimate for a new unit today…wow, it is pricey. Our unit is 16 years old, and it was just a matter of time…but it is never fun to fork out such $$$$ for anything.

I don’t know how hubby managed in S.A. without AC – he HATES the heat and humidity here and the AC is a must-have. I agree, but I can handle the demise of our old dinosaur unit better than he can.

We’ve been working on the boys’ embryology notebook today. They boys brainstormed a while and came up with the title: Our amazing eggsperience: a duck named Turbo. The notebook looks so cool that I am tempted to start a new page just to show it to you all. If I do so, it will have to wait, though…scanning in all those pages will take more time than I have available right now.

I’m planning on going to bible school again tonight. My oldest is happy for me to go because we have struck a deal – he can play a certain computer game while I am gone. We have slapped a serious limit on his computer time. He is looking so forward to playing that he is doing his homework now – without any prompting from me.

Right now I am feeling quite lethargic. I think the heat is getting to me.


5 responses to “May 16, 2007

  1. Sorry about the A/C, that would be a necessity for me if I lived where you do. Up here it’s not so much a necessity since there are only 2-3 days that one might even consider the expence and then we just go shopping at one of the big stores and get our fix. 😆

  2. Hi Sumi,

    It has taken me months to find out why I couldn’t get back into the DY forums, I thought my IP address had been blacklisted due to lack of communication or something. Jenna is absolutely lovely.

    I loved your comments about religion, you always have an interesting take on things.


    Rose (form DY forums about 18 months ago!!)

  3. Rose!!!! 🙂

    It is so good to hear from you! I wondered what you’d think when you tried to visit us again and found the forums closed. I’m so glad you found us again.

    How is life there in Scotland?

  4. Hi there,

    Life is fine, though cold and wet at the moment. Life looks good for you, too. I read that your husband may be called to do missionary work, where would that take you? I think you would be excellent at that yourself. You are too self effacing, Sumi! Also your artsy stuff is lovely, I would be proud to do half so well.

    We are planning a trip to Arizona in July/August, yes I have been told it will be hot, hot, hot and we want to do nature rather than urban, what would you recommend?

  5. I have no idea where we would end up yet, we’re taking it one step at a time. When we are ready, the Lord will open the doors. I had a brief moment recently where I thought…maybe…just maybe the Lord will send us back to South Africa, which wasn’t what I originally wanted but some things have happened recently to change that.

    Hmmmm Arizona….I know little about AZ, I spent a weekend there with hubby once at the Desert Ridge resort outside of Phoenix…It reminded me more of the Africa I know than any part of America that I’ve been in. We didn’t go anywhere since hubby was doing a conference there…all I can think of is the Grand canyon. LOL.

    I’ll ask around…some good friends here are native Arizonians.

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