A treasure in the mail and sad news

Our green cards (this is so unbelievably amazing, I have to say it again, no, shout it out: GREEN CARDS!!!) came in the mail today. Everyone got one except Jenna.  She is an American citizen by birth anyway.

We knew the cards  were approved but actually holding them in my hands was the most delightful feeling. We no longer have to jump through hoops just to be able to travel overseas, nor do we have to fork out $$$$ to an incompetent lawyer for said hoops. We won’t have to go through the time consuming annual renewals for our work permits and drivers’ licences again. We can stay in the States for as long as we like and hubby isn’t tied to his original employer here in the States anymore. For us, the word green card means freedom.

I heard some really sad news today. A friend, whom I have been praying a lot for, is in the hospital to spend the last few moments with her preemie baby. He is 8 months old and had never been out of the NICU unit… I have been weepy since Tuesday, when she realised that this was going to be the end. I really believed that God was going to heal him, and it was quite a crushing blow for me to see the opposite happen. I really questioned God about it innitially but when all is said and done I know that He is sovereign and what he does is always right.

If I know anything it is that God is merciful and gracious and that he will keep my friend under his wings.  Please pray with me for her, as she picks the pieces of her life back up again.


4 responses to “A treasure in the mail and sad news

  1. I am very happy for you and your family. You now have freedom to do what you want and need to do.

    I also share your grief and have also been very teary this week. May Jesus be glorified through all this little man has done in so many hearts. May there be many who will come forward to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior. Amen.

  2. I have been in tears too. What a ring of prayer we are weaving for this family!

  3. So jammer oor jou vriendin se verlies! Iemand wat ek ken?
    Bly saam met jou oor die green cards .
    En so bly oor die kinders se fotos. Die oudste is so handsome enhet so groot geword! Lyk baie na die Raathe en ook na jou hubbie! En die ander twee is pragtig soos ook klein Jenna. Lief vir julle! Ma

  4. Oh, Sumi! Your green cards! That is so wonderful!! Yeah! I know how this has been hanging over your heads. I am so thrilled for you. Yippee!!

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