I found this interesting…

I really enjoyed reading this blog entry:


It reminded me of the scripture where David says he holds his soul continually in his hand. (Ps119:109) We cannot prevent our emotions, which flow from our soulish nature, but we can grasp them in our hands and offer them up to God. It is what we do with our emotions that matter.

Alex mentioned that emotions flow out of one’s nature. If this is true, and God is love (1John 4:8) , then we can assume that every emotion God feels flows out of his love nature. Even his jealousy and his judgement is motivated by his love for us.

David understood that God’s judgement was a redemptive thing…did you know that there are many, many instances in scripture where judgement is mentioned in a positive light? God’s judgement can only be a positive thing to you if you understand the true nature of God, how infinitely merciful and kind he is, how he is moved by compassion more than anything else.  

I understand judgement not as punishment for punishment’s sake, but as a tool that God uses to correct us and bring us back into fellowship with him. I know that God is for me and not against me, and because his judgements are so effective in producing change in me,  I welcome them!

I don’t know anyone sweeter and kinder than my Lord Jesus. Even when he corrects me it is always done full of grace and in love. He always tempers his truth with his mercy.

Psa 85:10 Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed each other.

Sorry…didn’t mean to go off on this tangent. I hope to do a word search on judgement soon and quote some scriptures in which judgement is mentioned in a positive light.

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