We are doing school today. My youngest son is completing a standardised test that a school teacher friend gave me, and my middle boy is doing a review page in his language arts book.

 He couldn’t remember what adjectives were, so we did a quick review lesson, using some tiles that are colored according to which part of speech they are . This turned into him playing around with words, using the tiles, for about 15 minutes. He came up with some creative stuff, but so far, only one sentence of the original work is done.

He finally settled on adjectives to describe a tiger. They are very imaginitive, but not true to life. He chose: fizzy, warm, slimy, prickly tiger.  Cool words. huh? 😀

I’m not going to get fussy about them being unrealistic. He’s having fun with adjectives, and that’s all that matters.


2 responses to “Adjectives

  1. When learning is fun it sticks in the brain so much better. 🙂

  2. Used to play, in the car, an adaptation of a game that Heloise’s copywriter friends used to play, called “The minister’s cat”. Everyone gets a turn to say a phrase with a new adjective, eg Start with “A” …. The minister’s cat is an awful cat / The minister’s cat is an angry cat / The minister’s cat is an adventurous/ arty/ etc etc/ cat. When someone can’t think of another adjective with that letter then they either fall out or we move on to the next letter. Sometimes we choose letters at random. Tazzy still begs us to play it, and it has increased all of our vocabulary dramatically!


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