The results are in

We heard from the school where we want to send two of my sons next year. The oldest tested well in his math but he ran out of time with the written portion and the school felt there was insufficient written work for them to grade him on. We’ll be going in next week for him to write an essay there. But as far as the school is concerned it shouldn’t make much of a difference, the math was the important part and he aced that.

The youngest had some difficulty with reading fluency (he aced the comprehension tests),  his math facts weren’t quick enough and his written work not organised enough. The latter because we haven’t worked on writing skills and math drills much, (I followed LLATL slavishly and it didn’t occur to me to supplement with a writing program, *blush* ) and we will work on it this summer. He will be re-tested just before school starts in August, and if he still isn’t on par they recommend I homeschool him for another year and work on those areas.

I know he is a bright little spark and that he should pick things up quickly. Our assistant pastor taught second grade in a public school this year and he is available during the summer to tutor the boy and bring him where he needs to be.

I’m burnt out, y’all. I’ve really struggled to motivate the kids (and myself) this year. Some of it has been due to mis-matched curriculums and approaches to my middle boy’s learning style. It’s been a learning curve. We’ll be making some changes for next year but for now all I want is a good break!

Still 3 more weeks before testing for the middle boy…3 more weeks to plod on. I need a whole lot of grace to stay faithful and finish the course.  


2 responses to “The results are in

  1. Hang in there! I know that it is tough. I had a major case of burn out this year. Just a couple more weeks. You can do it!

  2. I’m glad that it looks like you’ll be able to put your 2 boys into the new school. I am confident that they’ll do just fine.

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