June 10

This is just going to be a rambly what’s-going-on-in-Sumi’s-life kind of post, and it shouldn’t be long because nothing much is happening. 😀

I have spent the past 2 days cloistered at home, and mostly joined to Jenna by the hip, she has been running a fever and complaining of a sore throat. Meanwhile the boys seem to have picked up a mild tummy bug from the pastor’s son, after we spent Thursday swimming with them.

As far as school goes, mild panic interspersed with my usual head-in-the-sand responses are the order of the day, since the boys will be tested in slightly more than a week. I have to tweak some things in their portfolios and make sure it is presentable, although I don’t feel as pressured in that area since they will be tested this year and the portfolio should only get a cursory glance. I have only ever had portfolio evaluations before and this is the first year we will be testing.

The past few days, when I haven’t been taking care of sick kids or cleaning house, I have been spending time at the computer reading up on some trends and doctrines that are being taught in the church today. I go to a church where there is a very strong emphasis on getting a solid foundation in the word of God, and I have picked up a reasonable amount of knowledge just from being there as long as we have, yet I see the need for me to really apply myself to diligent study of the word:

2Ti 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the last verse in Malachi, where it says that God shall turn the hearts of the fathers towards the sons and the hearts of the sons towards the fathers, lest he smite the earth with a curse. I think I will post about my thoughts on this soon.  🙂 If I can get it out correctly.

Oh…and it is probably a good thing that I haven’t been out and about much. I have badly chapped lips, there is a crack in my lower lip that hurts like crazy when I smile. I haven’t smiled broadly in two days! How crazy is that that? I am a smiler, and I can’t imagine going out in public and not being able to smile.


One response to “June 10

  1. Good to “see” you, Sumi. 🙂

    Just keep breathing and you’ll get through the evaluations and testing just fine.

    About the not smiling, I sympathize. I try to smile at people in hopes of maybe being a bright spot in their day by doing so. To not be able to smile due to a cracked lip would put a serious damper on my day.

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