One day we’ll look back

Next week our pastor will be going on sabatical for a week to work on a book he is writing. He made time to meet with every disciple this week, to touch base and find out what they have on their hearts for the future. He wants to spend the next week praying about how he can  encourage us  to step out more into the areas of ministry that we feel called to.

I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate this man. I have had too many dealings with him and his all-too apparent faults to put him on a pedestal, yet he is a rarity in churches these days.  He is content to raise up sons and daughters in the faith who will have a greater anointing, and a greater ministry than he ever did. Any human parent would gladly deny themselves for the good of their children, likewise, he has poured his life out to see his spiritual children grow up in the things of God. 

We are all aware that there is a wind of change blowing in our church and it seems as if our little fellowship is becoming more close-knit than ever before. These are precious days. I think one day when we are out there, working in the mission field, we will miss them.

I think I might write on the fathers and sons verse I mentioned soon. This post is kind of a preamble to it.


One response to “One day we’ll look back

  1. I kind of feel that too as I’m not sure where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing upon my return from Bolivia. Plus, the possibility of our assistant pastor and family moving to Hungary hurts my heart a little, but yet my spirit leaps for joy for the Kingdom of God. It’s all so bitter sweet.

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