June 16 2007

I had a nice Saturday. Hubby and I went yard-saling and I found 2 pairs of pants made by a brand that really fits me well. Shopping for pants is a nightmare since I don’t have an average build, so to find 2 pairs of pants that fit me for a dollar apiece was a joy.

After that I puttered around the house, mainly decluttering and putting stuff where they belong. Where did we get all this stuff? It is not that long ago that we arrived here with only our suitcases!

Jenna and I just gave the bathrooms a deep clean. She wanted to ‘help’, so I gave her her own spray bottle filled with water (I’m just grateful she didn’t want green ‘water’ like mine) and she was content to spray water everywhere and wipe it off again. I had to step out of the bathroom for a minute, and looked back to see this little cutie pie diligently ‘cleaning’ the floor (I had already cleaned it). It made me wish I had my camcorder handy.

My arms are tired. Our new neighbor is going to redo her whole garden and wants to start with a clean slate. She ripped out all of Jean’s plants. The neighbor in front of us got dibs on her palms, but she offered me the ferns and another broad-leafed plant whose name I don’t know. She has wild irises too, and I asked them if I can have those. They always remind me of my parents’ previous home (I have never even seen their new home) in SA. So I went and dug those out today. I can tell that I am going to have sore arms tomorrow. They are sore already.  

I am happy. My house looks better than it did this morning, my bathrooms are spotless and I have some spiffy new plants to put in my yard. I only wish my mom was here to tell me where to plant them.


4 responses to “June 16 2007

  1. Sumi, look at where they were planted at Jean’s house. They thrived there, so find a similar spot in your yard….shading, water, etc…and you should be fine.

  2. Yep, you should follow CC’s advice, I would have said the very same thing 🙄

    I’m so glad that you have a good helper to clean the house with now. 😆

  3. Sumi, sounds like we have been doing the same thing…:)

    Yes…I have a few muscles that announced their presence that I forgot were there…..

    What a great helper to have along……

  4. Awww, Jenna is such a sweetie pie.

    I hope you are successful in planting. 😀 Free plants are always a blessing.

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