I just got an email to say that one of my favorite confectionaries is now available in the US. Check this out:

Tanya, it made me think of you.



4 responses to “Indulgence

  1. YUMO!!!! Does that look good!!!
    Ofcourse I saw a chocolate bar on there that I would prefer, but I do love macadamia nut!!

    So umm… are you going to order?

  2. Yes, definitely! When the next pay check comes. 🙂
    I have only ever had the plain nougat, the ones that come in 4 different varieties. I wonder what the chocolate bars would be like. I think I should test it so I could give you all a heads up. 😀

  3. By all means you must test them. How would you sleep at night if you simply told us it was good but hadn’t tested any in the very recent time??

    Please give a completely unbiased opinion of the chocolate bars. I may have to order some, as gifts you understand, in the future.

  4. Oh………!!!

    Shame on you!!! Now “I” want some! 😆

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