June 18 2007

I’m just taking a quick break at the computer. I’ve been busy in a happy way. Does it sound terrible to say that I am happy to be free from the pressure of school for a while?

It’s cathartic in a way, I’m cleaning out all the old school stuff and the house in general, in preparation for the new school year. This feels more like “New Year’s” than January does. In SA the school year ended in November and started up in January, and the New Year season felt really significant.

The boys played outside for just a short while before they came in panting and with red cheeks. It’s hot out there!

They decided to have a ‘cold contest’. They run the coldest bath they possibly can, (including ice cubes) and hang around in there to see who can last the longest.  They have a little friend over, so it got quite crowded in there with 4 boys (in their bathing suits!) and a little girl competing for tub space. Jenna decided early on she preferred hot water, so she asked me to run her a hot bath upstairs. The 2 younger boys have joined her, and it is just the oldest and the friend who are still holding out. They did this last summer when he visited too, and they were blue with cold, neither wanting to admit defeat, when they finally called it a tie.  

I had fun observing Jenna and the oldest this morning. At almost 14, he is taller than me and acts the typical teenager, but he has the sweetest relationship with his sister. He will gladly sit and read her books when she asks him to. She, in turn, is quick to give him a hug and kiss when he asks her for one. This morning he took his breakfast into the tv room and put on one of Jenna’s favorite shows, singing the theme song out loud, knowing that she’ll come running if she hears it and cuddle up with him to watch it. They have always been close, but it is precious to see that despite his growing teenage nonchalance, he still laps up those precious close times with his baby sister.

3 responses to “June 18 2007

  1. Sounds like you are having a great day. 🙂

    I hope that you’ll be able to post one of those moments of your oldest and youngest together.

  2. That is very sweet. It is one thing that I love about having such a broad age range of kids. I love seeing the older ones with the younger ones. Tomorrow the older ones are taking the younger ones to the beach for the day while I am working. I told my dd she better take lots of pictures!!

  3. That is so precious about your son and daughter.

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