You say ‘ee’ther and I say ‘igh’ther…

There’s this one little word that brings a little smile on my face every time my pastor mentions it. We have been studying the fall of Saul and at one point he tells David: “I played the fool and erred exceedingly.”

My pastor pronounces erred as in ‘aired’. As a South African I always thought it was pronounced like you would pronounce the name of the city Abraham came from (Ur).

So I looked it up on my online Mirriam-websters dictionary. The word can actually be pronounced both ways.

I suppose my pastors’ pronunciation strikes me as funny because it is unfamiliar to me, and because of the connotation I have with the word ‘air’.

To me it sounds as if Saul had an exceedingly bad case of flatulence. 😀


3 responses to “You say ‘ee’ther and I say ‘igh’ther…

  1. 😆

    It is so interesting how we can speak the same language yet pronounce things differently and put different meanings to them.

    Thanks for the laugh. 😀

  2. bwahahahaha

    Maybe that was Paul’s thorn in the flesh…

  3. LOL That is hilarious. I am sure I will think about this each time I hear that word now.

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