June 29 2007

Happy anniversary to my mom and dad! How many years is it now?

Well, this post should be really boring to most of you. You really don’t have to read it. ūüôā I just want to take stock and write down some things for my own reference.

I have decided to delete the links that I have in my favorites to some of the EC (emerging church) blogs that I have been reading. I have enough of a grip on the EC movement now to get a good feel for what they are about. It is not edifying for me to keep checking in to see ‘what’s new’ there, as much as I want to be informed so I can have an answer to my EC friends. I think I’m informed enough. ¬†Hubby had some succinct comments to make about the movement that I might share at a later date but for now I’ll let it rest.

I do think it was a good thing for me to read up on. It made me so aware that the church is in desperate need for solid bible teaching and for people who are able to minister in the power of the Spirit. My heart is burdened for those whom I know that are floundering because of the way the traditional church has failed them. Yet the answer is not in pulling away from the church and from solid doctrine, the way is to draw closer to Jesus and really search the scriptures to find the answers they need!  

The whole thing has made me see my need for a stronger foundation in the word. The time for hubby and I to be sent out might be shorter than I have thought, yet I don’t feel like we are even close to being ready. Oh Lord, I am so lacking!

I have also purposed to set aside time daily to worship on my guitar here at home. This is the summer break, after all, and if I do not make time for things now, I never will. If we are ever to lead worship it is something I need to be more faithful to enter into here at home.

I¬†want to also¬†be¬†conscious to spend more time just hangin’ with the chilluns and invest into their lives. I tend to get so caught up in other things that my kids don’t get enough of me. When I do make the time to simply be with them I can¬†see them inflate, they kind of puff up on the inside (in a good way) and¬†it is evident¬†how¬†something so little affirms them so much. ¬†

Jenna has been¬†a mommy-leech though and she manages to lay claim to huge portions of my time while the others get left out. It’s time to remedy that.

I am also reminding myself that this is a great time to do all those little things I never get to do while school is in session. Last year I lamented squandering much of the time I had over the summer, because once school started up again time was a luxury!

I have closets to re-arrange, clutter to take care of,¬†and the boys’ toys need a big sort-through. I need to start working on the ceramic bowl I promised pastor’s wife a while ago. I need to plan out curriculum and strategies for the new school year. I’m working on building a website for our homeschool group (though I am the world’s biggest eeeeeegnoramous in that area, lol). Our budget needs some work, and I have been putting that one off. Ugh…

Time to get off this computer and get busy…

3 responses to “June 29 2007

  1. just a note of encouragement – I don’t think we’re ever ‘ready’ to be sent out, but when you are – God’s grace totally covers you to do those things you find impossible now. yeah, the warfare is a lot, but the mantle of anointing God pours over you in that time is sufficient.

    You’d be amazed at what comes out of you when people are hungry and desperate and truth of the matter is – the don’t need the meat that you have at this point, they just need milk and you already have a well-full of that!

  2. Sumi, when He sends you He will have equipped you for you are to do. Remember He doesn’t call the equipped He equips the called.

    You’re not alone in the boat of not taking enough time with your kids, I think that most moms are in it with you, I know I am.

  3. Sumi, sounds like you are on the right track. I know you can work all of this out. It is really tough to do, isn’t it? Be blessed this summer. ūüėÄ

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