June 1 2007

Hubby got up in church today and told everyone there how wonderful I am (he used really kind words like ‘wit’ and ‘wisdom’ and ‘patience’ and ‘gentleness’ to describe me) and how blessed he is that we got married 18 years ago today. It was sooooo incredibly sweet, and so unexpected. Many people commented on it afterwards, one single lady said she will have to find herself  ‘a man like that’.

Other than that, we didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. We had a friend over for lunch, played pictionary with the boys (boy, that was fun), and went out to a movie with our pastor. (I think the movie’s name was Evening –  a tearjerker). We got some non-descript fast food on the way home and now I am ready for bed.

Tomorrow will be a computer-lite day. I have some business related things to do on the computer but I want to try to stay away from my blog. I really love writing and reading what you all have to write on your blogs but it can get so time-consuming!

I have 101 things to do so I’m going to (try to) make myself scarce for a while. 🙂 

2 responses to “June 1 2007

  1. That is very sweet.

    I’m so glad that your hubby wanted to publicly say such wonderful things about you. 🙂

  2. How sweet Sumi!

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