July 4th 2007

It feels like I haven’t blogged for ages! I have been busy so it feels like I haven’t been here for a loooooong time but it has only been a couple of days.

On Sunday a friend came over and helped me to set up a website for our homeschool support group. It is da bomb! I can understand how you got interested in your computer hobby, Donna. I am still very eeeeegnoramous but it is fun to educate myself a bit.

There are times when I wonder whether I haven’t bitten off a bit more than I can chew though. I am now officially the board member in charge of the website. Our support leader raves about how easy this is going to make her life. I’m thinking that if everything falls on my lap, and I don’t delegate, it could make my life a lot more busy. Or….maybe not. Maybe once the initial set-up and tweaking process is over it will be less time consuming than it is now.

On a completely different note: the boys were in the local paper today. Our homeschool group raised $1200 for new books and puzzles for the local children’s hospital’s library. It was pretty cool to see the article in the paper.

We spent our evening at the pastor’s house. (Note to my South African friends: July 4th is like having Guy Fawkes and the  ultimate ‘braaivleis’ rolled into one.) Almost everyone has a cook-out. The typical meats for a ‘braaivleis’ is not steaks and chops like we have in SA, but rather hot dogs and hamburgers.

The boys had a blast setting off fireworks 🙂 .  We were close enough to the public fireworks display at the beach that we could see some of it over the rooftops as well. Jenna enjoyed being there so much that she cried almost all the way home, only stopping when she dropped off to sleep.

The other day she cornered me in the kitchen and raised her index finger at me. “Mommy,” she said in an authoritive tone, “Don’t say no, say yes, OK?” When she thought she had made her point her whole demeanour changed as she asked me in a soft-soapy way: “Can I paint?” She was very upset when I had to say no…I was too busy then to get the paints out. The boys thought it was funny and now they preface any question with “Mommy, don’t say no, say yes…OK?”

3 responses to “July 4th 2007

  1. Making a website is fun isn’t it! When I started, I knew nothing about it.

    Sounds like your family had a great time at the beach. We celebrated the 4th at mom’s and we had hot dogs and hamburgers. 🙂

  2. I’m glad that you had a great 4th. 😀 You’ll have to tell us more about your South African holidays…you know we love to hear about your life in Africa. 😆

    That is so cute about Jenna and the boys. :lol;

  3. Jenna just sounds like a doll. 🙂

    I sure do miss the support group there. There is nothing like that here.

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