Squeaky clean mouse cage

My oldest son was ragging his younger brother about the dirty state of his mouse cage this morning.

So, my middle boy decided to make his mouse cage “the cleanest cage ever”. That made me happy. I don’t like smelly mouse cages (even though the mice live in the garage). I’m sure the mice got happy too.

With a big grin, a scrubbing brush, and some dish soap my son tackled the job. He dismantled the entire cage and scrubbed every inch of it. I was impressed. He was really taking it seriously.

When he finished, the cage was like new. It was sparkly and there was not a hint of smell. The boy did good.

My bathroom, however, was a disaster zone. I think the boy must have used a quarter of the dish soap in the bottle. Suds everywhere. The floor was a slippery mess. I took some pictures that I might add here later when I upload them.

The boy was so proud of his cage. He wasn’t too happy about cleaning the bathroom. He thought I should be grateful that the cage was cleaned. Ummmm…no. He made the mess, so I made him clean it. 🙂


3 responses to “Squeaky clean mouse cage

  1. haha- good for you!

  2. You were right. He could have done the cleaning outside where it wouldn’t have made such a mess.

    I really thought that you were going to tell us that the mice got out and were loose in the house. 😆

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