July 14 2007

Today was one of those full, exhausting, busy, but happy days.

I went to our town’s local homeschool convention this afternoon. To tell the truth I was very iffy about spending $35 just to look at a couple of books. But I found something else at the convention…an answer to prayer.

For a few months now I have been wanting to take my son to be tested for a suspected processing delay, but I was really wary about going the traditional route. I didn’t want to go to a psychologist for a comprehensive battery of tests, only to be told that he needs to go on Ritalin. (I was a psychology major and I have a fair idea of what’s going on myself) I have asked around, but never quite got a sense of peace about anybody that I investigated. So I prayed, and a dear teacher friend from church prayed too, that the Lord will let my paths cross with just the right person.

Well there was a lady at the convention who specialises in just the areas that I want my son tested in. She is highly qualified, had a processing delay herself as a child, (and so did one of her children) and she is a christian. She’s just the person I have been looking for! Isn’t God good? I’m psyched about finding her. 😉

I also had the opportunity to compare math curriculums and I came home with the obligatory ‘sciency’ stuff…we are going to grow some ‘triopses’ and dissect another owl pellet. I bought a grammar book and a writing book that looked very good too.

I went home long enough to feed and settle the kids and then Jenna and I went to join the ladies of our church, who were hanging out at a friends’ house. Our hubbies were participating in a charity golf tournament to raise funds for an upcoming missions trip to Hungary, so we decided to have our own bit of fun. We had a precious time of fellowship.

I got a compliment that made me blush, all the more because it was said in the course of conversation and wasn’t meant to be a compliment per se. The girl who said it didn’t know how much she had just ministered to my heart. Especially having the compliment come from her…I won’t go into the details, but suffice to say that Jesus is just precious to give us that little affirmation when we feel that everything is hopeless, when we are so broken and busted up in an area of our lives that we are ready to give up.

I really enjoyed chillin’ with the girls, even though I was exhausted. Have I mentioned before how precious my little church family is to me?

Hubby enjoyed his day of golfing. I thought he would struggle with the heat, but they were in a drenching rainstorm that really cooled them off…and soaked them to the bone. But this is Florida, folks…they just kept on playing. 🙂 He said he made some good shots, and he wants to do it again…golfing seems to bite you and then you get the itch to play more. When I heard that there were some raffles I commented that hubby will win something, he’s just lucky that way. He did…we got a gift card for our favorite grocery store. The man always falls with his bottom in the butter. 😀

Last night one of the organisers of our golf tournament said he wasn’t sure if we’d make much  on it. It was our first attempt to do this as a fundraiser and it was more of a learning curve than anything. We all thought we’d make very little today, but we would do it again, bearing in mind the lessons learned. Well, we cleared almost enough money for 2 aeroplane tickets to Hungary! Praise Jesus!

One response to “July 14 2007

  1. haha – aeroplane

    one day, I’ll stop pointing out our differences. . . but then again, maybe not- that’s why I love ya!!

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