24 July 2007

Wow, just a few more days and it will be Jenna’s birthday. She is getting so big and grown up. She’s a little sweetie pie and so much fun! I haven’t really gone shopping for her bithday yet…

This has been an interesting week. On Saturday my cousin called me from Boston and we chatted for a long time. We discovered that we were both on Facebook so she emailed me with her details. I started digging around in Facebook to see if any of my old high school friends were listed on there and found the daughter of my best friend from high school on there! It was uncanny…she looks just like my friend, only her hair is darker. I emailed her and she passed my email on to her mom. I hope she’ll write to me soon.  

My other best friend from South Africa emailed me yesterday. A very rare occurrence! It was just too precious to catch up with her a bit. Her email brought back lots of memories of good times. She might be reading this, so if she does, Hello Heather!!! Miracles never cease! 😀 You know I love you to pieces, don’t you?

2 responses to “24 July 2007

  1. That’s really cool Sumi that you’ve been able to get in touch with people you care about from home. :hugs:

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweetie pie! I can’t believe how big she is getting. Wasn’t she just a little cupie doll not to long ago?

    I love catching up with old friends. The internet sure does help that out.

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