Of post-offices and pending trips

I had to go and mail some books today. Our post office has a very tempting array of stuffed animals and postcards on display, right at Jenna’s eye level. It was busy, and the line was long-ish, so Jenna got a bit antsy and inspected the objects at close quarters while I waited in line. I decided that she was getting a bit out of hand and put her on the counter next to me so that she couldn’t handle the merchandise anymore. She begged me to go down and sit on a little bench near the display, so I told her to look into my eyes and with my sternest mommy-voice, I told her that if she touched anything she’d be back on the counter next to me. What happened next made everyone in the Post office break into fits of giggles. I could never hope to recapture the body language, or the tone of her voice, as the little miss muffin stopped midway back to the bench and said with perfect timing, and all the chutzpah and bossiness that a 3-year old can muster: “I am not going to touch it, OK?” Someone said I should have captured that on video, and I wish, like my mom sometimes does, that somehow our eyes could just record things like that and replay them again and again. Another lady said that it had been worth going to the post office just to see that.

I guess you should have been there. It was so hysterically funny but it is so hard to even tell you all about it. Of course when everyone broke out into fits of laughter Jenna caught on that she was the center of attention. She never touched another item but she did skip and dance all over the post office. Someone mentioned that she would fit perfectly in a meadow of wild flowers.

Of pending trips: hubby told me on Tuesday that his company will be paying for him to go to a conference for 3 nights. I can go along for free…yippee! It will be at a fancy 5 star hotel and I will be able to laze at the pool all day (or do some homeschool planning, I’ll think about it 😉 ) and enjoy having hubby to myself at night. Yep, the kids will be staying home…we were blessed to find some friends who are either stupid enough or love us enough, to agree to come and stay here with the children. (I know you’re not stupid, Dana, so you must love me!!!)

There is just soooooo much to do and arrange in such a short time. I am whipping the house into shape, (or trying to) and there are things I need to organise regarding the kids’ meals and stuff. They are fussy eaters and I don’t want to cause my friends any undue pressure to try and feed them things they do not like. In the meantime I am trying to package and mail all my ebay books….so life is busy, busy, busy!  

I am excited. It has been almost 4 years since I have been anywhere alone with hubby without the children. I am looking forward to the nice cuisine and lazy river and the music jam night where everyone who wants to, can pull out their instruments and make music. I have been with hubby at this conference before and it is amazing what a bunch of accomplished musicians comes out of the woodwork when you throw a bunch of computer techies together. The last time we were there I was very tempted to sing along when they played the blues. If I could think of words to sing which won’t sound corny, I might do so. Jazz/blues is the music genre I feel the most comfortable singing in.

I’ll be getting a taste of the high life, which reminds me of something the boys did today. The middle boy made himself some tea today and got a brainwave doing so. Now, when I say the boy got a brainwave usually it means something very messy but totally entertaining is about to happen. You all might recall the time he made orange juice by attacking oranges in a bowl with a meat-mallet, or the time he put M&M’s under my dining room table chairs’ legs and then sat on the chair to see what would happen.

Anyhow, the boy came upstairs with a tray, decked out with my best (and only) tea set, and offered us all some. We all had an impromptu tea party, complete with the high-falutin’ british accent my oldest is so good at making, and the inevitable sugar spills and filled-to-the-brim-until-it-spills-over cups that my middle son is famous for. I haven’t told him yet, but tomorrow morning he is going to learn how to wash dishes by hand. Those cups and saucers are not going in my dishwasher, and I will not be washing them. But we had fun while it lasted. 🙂

I just didn’t try to make a british accent. I have managed to horribly distort the british accent into a confused blend of all the english accents I know. Which is quite a lot.


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