In the lap of luxury

Hubby and I are so blessed! We arrived late last night and thought we would have to make do with the worst hotel room…the  left-overs after everyone else had taken their pick. Well, sure enough, all of the hotel rooms were taken when we came, and the only one left was an executive suite! We don’t have a hotel room, we have an hotel apartment! The view is gorgeous. I can only kick myself that I didn’t bring my camera. 😦

We had breakfast in our hotel room this morning, and then hubby went off to ‘work’. I have been putterin’ around, enjoying the peace and quiet, reading my bible, and wrapping up some Ebay stuff on the net. I will be going down to take a look at the pool area soon. I can see it from my hotel room, and it is gorgeous. There is a lazy river with lots of bays and a ‘whirlpool’, plenty of tropical vegetation and water features with waterfalls (not for swimming in!) etc.

The kiddie area looks so great and I am sad that my kiddos could not be here to enjoy this. We couldn’t have afforded the extra hotel room for them though….not to mention the cost of feeding everyone. My glass of milk this morning alone cost $3. Hubby’s meals are paid for by the conference, but mine are going to cost a pretty sum, I am sure.

I had a precious time of worship this morning, all alone in my hotel room. I marvel that the magnificent, glorious God who made all of this beauty would actually see my company as something worth having. It is one of those things I cannot find words to express….how amazing it is that he wants to be my friend!

The last time I went on a conference with hubby in such wonderful surroundings I got a bit me-myself-and-I-ish. I think it is easy when you are feeling so pampered, to give your flesh an occasion to glory and become a bit more self-focussed than usual. I am praying that it will be a totally different experience for me this time around. Hopefully I have matured somewhat in the Lord since then. I hope that I will be able to say with Paul, that I can handle having abundance and having lack equally well to the glory of God.


4 responses to “In the lap of luxury

  1. I’m so glad that you are getting this special time w/your two best friends. 😀

    May your relationships flourish during this time.

  2. I am glad you are able to get away and spend some time with The Lord and your Dh. I hope you have some sweet time focusing on each other.

    What a huge blessing to have friends that are willing to keep your Dc for you.

  3. It is so great for you to have such a nice retreat before school starts. Time to gather you thought, refocus and relax. I’m so happy for you. Enjoy!

  4. Hope you had a great relaxing time. You deserve it.

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