School today

I have just said my goodbyes to my oldest and youngest boys. They will be going to a school that is a combination of private and homeschool, they will be at school for 3 days and home for 2. This is a new environment for them…the expectations and standards are very high at this school and there will be some things they will need to get adjusted to.

The school requires a lot of them, both academically and morally. The oldest had to sign a affadavit  that he won’t date while he is in this school, for instance. The application and screening process to get into the school is quite something, and I am exhausted just from getting all our ducks in a row for today.

My middle son will be homeschooled again this year. I have been so busy getting things ready for the other two, that I am not as planned out for his school as I want to be. I think this will be a ‘homeschool lite’ week, while we adjust to all the changes around here and I catch my breath.

I received a great blessing this week! I have had to fork out plenty of $$$ for the curriculum and uniforms and haircuts and school fees for the two sons who are going to school, and there hasn’t been much left to buy the math curriculum I want for the middle boy. I have been scanning Ebay but I seem to miss the auctions I need to win. Anyhow, on Friday I called a dear friend with whom I have very little contact. We had a delightful conversation and when I mentioned that I was looking for this curriculum she said she has it, has finished using it, and will mail it to me free of charge! It arrived in the mail on Saturday! Isn’t God faithful? I will need to buy the manipulatives still…but this is a huge saving!

Anyway, I have written far more than I intended. The computer will be turned off until the evenings from now on… it is too distracting when I need to focus on the kids’ schooling.

Please say a prayer with me for my two children that are in school today. I pray that they will adjust quickly and make new friends. My oldest is particularly shy in new surroundings. I am grateful that this is a school that has very friendly students and parents.


4 responses to “School today

  1. The Lord will be with you and the boys this week. What days will the other two be home with you?

    You’ve got a great friend there, what a blessing from the Lord.

  2. How was their first day? Hope it went well.

  3. Thanks for asking, Lisa. 🙂

    They had a good day. The oldest is still not ready to give the school a complete thumbs up…he takes his time on these things, but I can tell he had a good day. The youngest loved school. They haven’t done much work yet, though, and I know he will be challenged in some areas. We’ll see how he responds to that.

    The oldest loved the fact that there isn’t the ‘busywork’ type of homework…the school believes in family time when the kids are out of school. The only homework is the homeschool work which the kids do on the days they are not at school, or whenever they choose as long as it is turned in on time.

  4. Elaine, they will be home on Thursdays and fridays. 🙂

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