No time for bloggin’

I have been super busy, but in a happy kind of way. The boys, and my eight year old in particular, seem to be happy at school. He told me in his serious, philosophical way on Tuesday that he doesn’t know why, but he just seems to connect with kind people and his teacher is one of those kind types. 😀

Today was their first homeschool day and it went well, considering. Considering the duck was taken out by a predator last night and my middle son discovered the carnage outside. 😦 Considering that the oldest has a nasty cold and couldn’t concentrate well but forged ahead with his work anyway. Considerig that Jenna is resisting pooping in the potty and gets fussy, wanting me to hold her when her tummy hurts.

The middle boy has been doing ‘The Whipping Boy’ in Total Language Plus this week and it has been a joy. It is my first experience with this curriculum and I love it! The boy actually begs to do reading. He still takes a good deal longer to do his school work than most, simply because he loses focus so often. Sigh…I dread to know how our days will go with a full work-load. We haven’t started math yet, we are waiting for his manipulatives to arrive.

I have been reading some interesting verses in the bible that sparked some thoughts I wanted to share…but time is a luxury right now. Right now I am very miffed. I have been wanting to sell some things on Ebay to raise money for more curriculum but…after 2 hours of waiting for the stupid thing to load all the pictures and typing out my detailed description, the server failed me and all is lost! Ugh. Talk about a waste of time.

One response to “No time for bloggin’

  1. Glad the boys are enjoying the new school. I will be looking forward to reading what you post when you have the opportunity to do so. I love reading here. 🙂

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