jes’ ramblin

I don’t have much to say but I feel chatty…which is always a bad sign. It usually means my house is messy and needs attention, or that there are some other pressing things that need me. Hmmmm has the hubby been fed yet? 😉

Actually I just fed him. I fried some Tilapia in a lemon-herb-garlic butter. I love seafood. Do you? There is quite a shrimp industry here on the east Coast where we live. We consider shrimp luxury fare but there is nothing like fresh shrimp prepared the way my dad does it. I’ve tried to copy him and I get it almost, but not quite, right. He makes it with the usual garlic butter and herbs but he adds a shot of brandy (or is it whiskey?) to it. Yum.

I am starting to crave a good home-made paella. I’ll have to plan to make one soon. Maybe sometime when we have company.

We had a rambly kind of day today in which some things that needed to get done did, and many didn’t. We had that rainy stay-in-bed kind of weather this morning and so we got a late start. I managed to go to the library and get some shopping done.

On the way to the store we drove past a lady that always walks her bulldog down a street near our house. The sight of the two of them always brings a smile to my face. The bull dog is fat and moves heavily, with his head hanging low, his tongue almost touching the ground, and his short legs waddling underneath his weight. His owner is stocky and walks in almost the same way. They are a perfect match. 😀

I think the bulldog is ugly, but my middle son thinks it is the cutest thing he has ever seen. To hear him croon over it and swoon over it’s fat little legs and the cuteness of it all, you’d think he’s talking about a labrador puppy. There’s an Afrikaans saying: “mooi van lelikgeit” and I think it describes the dog perfectly. It translates badly in English, but it means roughly “to be beautiful because you are so ugly”. 🙂


2 responses to “jes’ ramblin

  1. I too love seafood; I just never cook it. Let’s just say my cooking skills are somewhat…rudimentary…

    Did you make paella yet? (asking like I even know of what I speak…)

  2. My cooking skills are rudementary for the most part too. 🙂 My hubby is hardly ever home and my kids won’t eat what I cook so why bother?

    I don’t know if the paella I make is the real thing – it is a spanish seafood and rice dish, almost like a risotto. My dad is a great chef – I just copy what I have observed him making through the years. Just not as good as he does though.

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