Of occupied dining room tables and botched meals

I had a discouraging day. Blah. The boys were home for the homeschooled portion of their school week (they go to a school where they are at school 3 days and home for two) and they managed to drag out the school day until now. It is 5.30 and we are not done. I am tired and feel like having a pity party. Ice cream anyone? Chocolate? Cheesecake?

I just called hubby. I told him (tearfully) that I was still in the same place in the house, doing the same thing that I was doing when he left for work this morning. Hence the reference to occupied dining room tables in the title. I am sick of my dining room right now, I am sick of school books, I am sick of my children’s draggy attitude. Writing this out is like medicine to me. 🙂

Anyhow, hubby gave the kids a pep talk over the phone and guess what…all of a sudden they are working! It is too late for me though….some of the lessons require me to actually teach the material but I have had it for the day. No sirree, the kids are on their own. I have better things to do…like blogging. 😀

My oldest (who HAS finished his work) obeyed his dad’s suggestion to the kids to come and give me a hug and apologise. He said: “Sorry for doing nothing” and explained that I can read into that sentence what I like. He means he either did nothing wrong, or nothing that I told him to do – he will let me be the judge of that. He’s such a sweet boy and it is a comfort to get one of his rare hugs with a joke thrown in.

I felt brave enough whilst all the schooling was going on to commence making a bulk amount of my yummy macaroni cheese for dinner and also for lunches. (That was early in the day, before the wheels came off.) I made an onion-garlic-tomato-basil-bacon sauce that I intend to alternate with the cheese sauce. During one of my distracted moments Jenna decided to help and poured the cinnamon-sugar mixture that the boy uses on his pancakes, over the cooling sauce. I tried to scoop out most of the cinnamon but the sauce still tastes funny. Macaroni cheese and cinnamon, anyone?

Well, there ya go. I feel better just blogging about it. Tomorrow is a new day. Hopefully it won’t be as…um…interesting…as today was.


4 responses to “Of occupied dining room tables and botched meals

  1. that sounded YUMMY (before the cinnamon).

    and you know I’m always up for some ice cream – especially chocolate. hey, that’s a reason in and of itself to have a pity party in my opinion. count me in!!

  2. (((((Sumi)))))

    I’ve had days like that, not the ruined meals though, and it sure does help to get an apology for one of the offending parties. For me that puts me at 50% since I only have the 2 kids.

    Glad that hubby have the kids a talking to and hope that tomorrow goes better.

  3. I am sorry you had a rough day, Sumi. Isn’t it wonderful that you can call your husband for support and correction. 🙂 I also had to do that yesterday, but we still need a “family meeting” with everyone about their school work. Hope next week is better for you. {hugs}

  4. Hi Sumi and big (((((HUGS)))))

    I feel like I have been neglecting everyone in the blogging world.

    I am sorry you had such a long hard day. I hope it has gotten better.

    Have you tried the 20 min break thing? I have to do that with Ashley, my 13 year old sometimes. She just gets to where she can’t get stuff done sometimes.

    Or if I am teaching I try to limit it to about 20 mins. Then I let her get up stretch get a drink of water and then let her get back at it. I set the timer on the microwave and usually she is done with the exercise before the timer even goes off. Just a suggestion. Don’t hate me for suggesting it, you have probably already thought of it.

    Well, hope all is well, and who knows Jenna might have created a new dish. lol.

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