Katie’s letter

For a recent spiritual retreat that my son went on, we collected letters of encouragement to him from important people in his life. They were all precious (the ones I read… 🙂 ). I haven’t managed to read them all but I read Katie’s because she told me to. 😀 I wanted to share it with you here.

Dear M.

I wanted to say just a few words about what I have seen in you the past several years. I see both your mother and your father in you. You resemble them both in looks and personality. I make that point only to say that you are NOT your mother or father. You are exquisitely unique!

You have some of the tender giftings that are your parents’, but God fit them before you were born in a way that pleased Him. Why? Because there will never be anyone quite like you, M.
God wanted it that way because he has a special plan for you. One only you are capable of.

God will bring people and places and things into your path. Jobs, blessings, lessons, all designed for one purpose. To make you something great! A man that has all the character of God in him. One who has all the best of his parents and more.

I know you will find this man, M. I know it because I know my God and his faithfulness. When I look on you in years to come, I will say to myself: “I knew it!”

A man will stand before me that reminds me of some people that I knew, but on second look he will look just like Jesus. A man of integrity and purpose. A man after God’s heart in everything he says, everything he does. This is you.

Getting from A to Z is a whirl-wind of things, people, laughter, tears, and all so unimportant compared to where you’re going. Don’t forget that, M, where you are going. Your destiny is overwhelming even to consider. You will be a man I will be proud to call friend, to call brother.

Keep yourself from the world, son. It will only try to steal that precious thing that is inside you, that IS you. Guard what God has begun and let him finish it. You will not be sorry! If you believe nothing else I ever say, you believe that.

Be strong, be different, be a real man of God!

(I know you will)

Love, Katie


4 responses to “Katie’s letter

  1. That is a great letter and I pray that your son finds it inspiring as well.

  2. I think it is a fantastic idea to have other’s write to your son and that letter is amazing!

    oh, and I’ll try cinnamon in my mac ‘n cheese next time. 😆

  3. Be strong…be different…be a real man of God…I pray the same for my boys!

    1 Cor. 16:13, “Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.”

  4. That is really sweet. Everyone needs to be encouraged and it is great he has that to look back on when he needs it.

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