The dog is fortunate…

…that i sent her outside today before I discovered her crime. Otherwise she might have suffered some consequences.

We have been fasting and praying for an upcoming conference at our church to celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles. All of us have been fasting in different ways (as the Lord leads), and my fast is from the time I wake up to the 5pm every day.

Anyway, I picked up some McDonalds for the boys today as a special treat since my house is depleted of groceries. (Going shopping tomorrow 😀 ) I ordered a simple cheeseburger for myself to enjoy when my fast was over.

I looked so forward to that stupid cheeseburger y’all. At 4:52 I unwrapped it and stared at it longingly, removing the pickle and setting it aside. (I don’t like pickles). OK…there are still eight minutes, I’d better go and do something else.

A few minutes after 5 I returned to the kitchen to enjoy my burger. I was confused for a while when I couldn’t find it. I couldn’t remember if the burger had travelled with me on my errands around the house or or not. Had I done my usual blonde, distracted-mommy thing, and left it somewhere? In the fridge? On the piano? In the bathroom? (anything is possible :D) At the computer?

Nope. I found the little yellow wrapper rug by the front door and I was going to scold the boys for leaving their trash around, when I noticed the pickle I had seperated from the burger a few minutes earlier. (the dog doesn’t like pickles either) It was then that the dog’s horrendous crime was discovered. Y’all, I honestly felt like…ahem…letting my foot connect with her rib-cage. It is a good thing she was outside already.

Every time I see her now I think of her as my hamburger-stealer. She has the sweetest face and it looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth. Hah! I know better.

Things didn’t turn out too badly in the end. I had a tilapia fillet in the fridge that I fried up with some garlic-lemon-butter and I ate it with some flavored rice. Which was actually much nicer than the burger would have been. I am not even much of a burger fan, anyhow.

6 responses to “The dog is fortunate…

  1. HUGS on the loss of you burger…


    The fish was healthier for you.

    If the “hamburglar” wants thunder thighs- I say let her have them. LOL

    Do you not get headaches from going all day without eating?

    Curious because I do. LOL

  2. Your dog IS most fortunate!!!

    I would have walked outside, shoved her nose in the paper and whopped her one.

    I AM a burger fan.

    It is probably very good I don’t own dogs.

  3. Is this a life lesson about how sometimes there are better things waiting for us when we are obediant?

  4. Your story reminded me of being sure about who did what before I stick my foot in my mouth. Things don’t always look they way they are.

  5. I love that you said “y’all” ! 🙂

  6. I like writing ‘y’all’. 😀 It just has a certain ring to it, huh?

    I don’t speak that way though…it would sound pretty funny with my South African accent! I suppose I could say I’m ‘Southern”…as in Southern African.

    Do you say y’all? Being in Alabama and all… 🙂

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