A favorite song

Lisa from the Lisa Writes blog (check my blogroll) wrote a post about her favorite hymn today. I didn’t really learn many english hymns since I grew up in an Afrikaans speaking church. I do know some of the more famous ones, but not always every verse of the hymn. Sadly, even the Afrikaans hymns I learned didn’t stick…the Afrikaans churches decided to ‘update’ the words to the hymns halfway through my childhood, and thoroughly confused me where the words were concerned.

Anyways, Lisa’s post made me think of a song we sing in church every now and then. It is a prayer, and I love the words…

To see your lovely face
ever before my eyes,
this is my prayer
make it my strong desire
That in my secret heart,
no other love competes
no rival throne survives
and I serve only you.

3 responses to “A favorite song

  1. I’ve not read Lisa’s blog recently, since last week I guess, so I need to go there and find out her favorite hymn. I have lots and I have to admit that my mother and I share favorites, 🙂 good memories of our singing w/all our hearts together in church.

    I got into Lisa’s blog from finding her listed in your blogroll. 🙂 I figured that if a certain blog is read regularly by you then it’s worth checking out. I’ve not been disappointed.

  2. You are so sweet. 🙂

    Lisa’s blog is cool, huh?

  3. No other love…no rival throne…AMEN!

    And thanks for the shout out, my blog friend! Your blog is pretty cool in itself! 🙂

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