Not to be outdone

CC mentioned today that all of her blog-buddies are putting up Fall pictures. I almost wrote a comment to say that I must be the odd one out then, when I remembered the lovely pictures I took at a field trip last week. I’m posting one of my favorites:


Look mom, it’s heavy! LOL

Sorry folks, no Fall colors on the trees here. If our trees do change color at all it happens somewhere around January. 🙂

6 responses to “Not to be outdone

  1. Sumi…..that is precious!!! I love the header picture!! My goodness how she is growing…:-)

  2. she looks so BIG!!

  3. tessofthebellgrades

    My time flies. When did that itty bitty baby become such a little lady? These definately rate in the top three cutest fall pics.

  4. That picture is just to special. I guess now I am the odd man out. I have absolutely no pics of fall. And I dont really intend to. lol.

    I will not conform. lol.

    Glad to see you back!!!

  5. I haven’t gotten any of fall yet either…. we are in peak leaf changing color season right now so this week I will taking out my camera.
    That is a great picture!!

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