My father’s DNA

Hmmmm…how to start this post. Dunno. I just want to write what is on my heart at this point in time.

We were blessed to receive many out-of-town visitors at our recent church conference. Some of our visitors were men and women that my pastor considers his fathers/mothers in the Lord.

When our pastor was a seventeen year old he followed the call of God and moved from Washington to here. He moved in with Dan Duke, who has been his pastor ever since…for 35 years now. That is a long time! They have had their ups and downs like all relationships do, but one thing my pastor (and Dan) believes in is that God brings spiritual ‘fathers’ into your life who will pour into you all he knows and all he has in order to equip you for your calling. It is not always an easy relationship because it requires humility!  A father-son relationship is not something you can just sever and walk away from after just a bit of conflict. Through the years, these two have managed to stick with each other through thick and thin, and their affection and respect for one another is obvious whenever you see them together.

I can credit Dan for sparking some of the thoughts that I blogged about here.  Something that he has said before, and that sticks with me today is that you will know that someone is your father in the Lord when you have the same DNA he has.

Tonight at church we said goodbye to our dear missionaries from Bolivia, who spent the last 2 weeks here with us. Pablo is a true son in the Lord to our pastor.   The same DNA is obvious.  That same humble desire to only give God his portion and to glorify him, that same longing to bring his presence to the people, that same conviction of being a ‘nobody’ so that Jesus can be everything… it is all there.

I took a good look around…Martin and Dora has it too…Rick and Jamie…Brandon and Phyllis…Dana…Fidel… Little sons and daughters of the faith, being prepared to carry on the work of the ministry and increase it. Not everyone is ready to be sent out right now, but many are close.

I felt in my heart a stirring… I want that same DNA.  There are so many hungry, desperate people in the world. I want to give them some of the Living Water that I have found here.


One response to “My father’s DNA

  1. we came to oklahoma because we had the same dna as these people and where we were our dna was quite different. i never had a spiritual father and here i do and because we have the same dna i have become a spiritual dad to others very quickly.

    good post. didn’t know you were back.

    juniper tree greg

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