This will just be a random post full of little bits and pieces. 🙂

We had a bit of break from homeschooling the last few days. The boys’ school organised a family camping trip which we didn’t attend. The requirement for those of us who chose not to go on the camping trip was to spend some time doing family things, or something educational with our kids. The kids had to write a short report on what they had done. I told my kids they could learn all about folding laundry and stacking dishwashers and dusting but they didn’t think it would fly. We did some science experiments instead, and I think our Veteran’s Day Cookout with the homeschool support group will count as family time.

I had my first ‘real’  s’mores at the cookout, y’all. We had an American youth pastor who tried to educate us about s’mores in South Africa eons ago. We did not have graham crackers in SA so it was just plain unsalted crackers and Rowntree’s chocolate (which is thicker and less sweet than Hersheys) and marshmallows then. I thought it was high time I sampled this little bit of American culture and I was informed that it would be a moment I’d never forget. My friends looked on expecting me to croon with delight as I dug in, but alas, people….my tastebuds did not appreciate the sweetness of it all. I had the nerve to mention I actually preferred the South African version…which absolutely horrified every American within earshot.

My kids did get to experience a little bit of ‘educational’ cleaning. I decided to let go of my fussiness of having the kids’ clothes folded just-so. I fold their clothes because I do it better than they do, I put it away because I do it better than they do, they pull the clothes out every which way and mess up the closets because they don’t care. Enough of that. This weekend, they folded their own clothes and put it away themselves. And they didn’t do it too badly either.   

Before hubby went to work yesterday he gave them a pep-talk about helping out in the house and he left, leaving us all like little busy bees straightening up our little hive. It went well – until Jenna found a Superman cape somewhere and wanted to be Captain Underpants. Before long all 4 children were dressed up and playing some kind of fantasy game. I love it when my kids play togehter like that, so I let it slide for a little while before pulling them back to the work.

The two younger boys had to clean up the tv room and I had the brilliant idea to play some songs on my keyboard’s demo section to motivate them to move faster. Next thing I know they are dancing to the songs instead. The middle boy has this little Fred Astaire routine to one song, the harpsicord song gets a ballet treatment (too funny seeing the boy trying to do ballet), the bluegrass song is just plumb crazy, and Jenna runs away in fear when the dramatic organ song (Bach’s Tocatta in D minor?) plays. Somehow the boys have made that song out to be the ‘scary’ dance song. 😀 The oldest peeked in the door and wished for a video camera so that he can film (and blackmail) his brothers, but before long he and Jenna joined the fray and were dancing along happily too.  Oh…these are the moments one wishes you could lock away in your brain forever.

The house did get tidy…eventually… by the way.

We are back at bible school again after a couple of months’ break. This time we are doing a simple but profound study on what the bible has to say about God and who he is. I have never seen such a turn-out for bible school before. We are forced to go early, if we want to have seats. I myself am feeling a deep stirring…something is up spiritually speaking and I can feel that deep calling unto deep. I have a real sense of purpose. We are not playing church. We are being prepared, for the fields are almost ‘white unto harvest’. I have a feeling that it won’t be long now, and hubby and I will be out there working in the field. I want to make the most of these days of learning. The word we sit under is so precious and I know I will miss our little fellowship when we are no longer here. It is bitter-sweet.

3 responses to “Snippets

  1. YAY!! Now I feel like I’m back in the loop! I meant to mention that was an awesome word ‘hubby’ received the other day or night or whenever it was. I was encouraged by it.

    Anyway, I’d love to be a fly on the wall at your house sometimes. It seems like such a fun and happy place to be. 🙂

    and I agree with everything you said in the last paragraph. . . I feel it too.

  2. tessofthebellgrades

    Making memories is so much more rewarding than making the bed. (Oh man my Dh would laugh at that notion, I am a neat freak)

    In my opinion, there is nothing that makes a house feel like a home more than the sound of children laughing. I always have these great images that play through my head when I hear you express your family life. And it always makes me smile.

    You also make me take a real good long hard look at how I live my life. Am I living to God’s plan? Am I being all that I can be? Am I truly honouring him or merely pleasing myself? I am not always happy with my answers. But I am always grateful for the gentle nudge I recieve when I visit with you.

  3. Hi Sumi,
    Thanks for checking in with me. Physical Therapy takes a lot out of me. I am just trying to get the basics done and don’t get a lot of computer time:( So nice to hear from you though. Jenna looks adorable. Hope all is well with you.
    Ps118:24 This is the day the LORD has made;
    let us rejoice and be glad in it.

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